When someone asks what I do I generally say:
“I help small business owners make more money and have more fun."

They usually say: “How do you do that?”

I explain:

“I help business owners attract, convert, and delight customers. That is what I actually do.
How I do that depends on the client and their resources.
Some may require radio advertising, some may need a website, some may need a change of mind set and some may need a better customer experience inside the store.

Most all business owners want to get better results for the ad dollars they are now spending. Check out my book Get Big Results from Your Small Ad Budget.

"I am a small business owner myself - and I don't just mean my consulting business either. I mean the Kentucky Opry, where I have payrolls and overhead and relatively thin profit margins and all the other stuff most small business owners have to deal with. And when it was my neck on the line, I was able to grow my business over 250% in ticket sales the last six years. But I didn't use the techniques of the big boys. I used the advertising strategies that make the most sense for small business owners…I stretched my marketing dollar till George Washington screamed for mercy.

And that's what I do for other small business owners. I use advertising and marketing techniques that are appropriate to them and that can stretch their ad budgets far enough to produce real, bottom-line, fold-it-up-and-put-in-your-pocket success."

Clay Campbell


Life Coach, music, reading, writing