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May 23, 2011


Phil Wzesinski

While I believe that Roy is absolutely right, I think he missed the main point of his own argument.

It isn't about the medium, it's about the message. The right message used the right way brings you business no matter what medium you use. Roy has been teaching us that for years.

And I think what most people forget about Facebook & Twitter is that they deliver the message differently than all other forms of media we are used to using. So it requires a different approach to the message, too.

Can they be powerful parts of your advertising strategy? Yes! But it will take some major understanding of how they work and how you can properly weave your message into that new clothing the Emperor is wearing.


Right you are Phil ! It's always about the message.

Creative Ad Agency

Wonderful and nice post of "Grow Your Business with Facebook & Twitter?"

Staci Burruel

Facebook and Twitter are definitely among the best platforms for online advertisements. In Facebook, users can tag people in their advertisements. Those people have the option to remove the tag, but those who are interested may inquire about the poster or the article they've been tagged with.

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